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Good news for JSCC Competitors.

Junior Saloon Car Competitors will be running out of the garages at Rockingham, so no need for awnings.

JSCC competitors will occupy garages 3 – 11

Entry List:

1. George Dray #2
2. Ben Colburn #5
3. Charlie Morgan #7
4. Charlie Kennedy #14
5. Brad Hutchison #17
6. Jack Fabby #18
7. Tom Morkill #19
8. Ed Moore #25
9. Thomas Stockton #26
10. James Dorlin #32
11. Benn Tilley #48
12. Scott Mitchell #50
13. Ben Mills #66
14. Finlay Robinson #TBC

JSCC organisers will be bringing graphics sets (Numbers, Screen banners, driver names etc.) and facilities to cut and produce more.
Please let us know if you need extra graphics before Thursday, or contact J1Graphics.

More information to be posted up soon, so keep checking back for updates


Thank you for you patience

Thank you for you patience.

As you can see we’ve started adding content to the site.

The site’s logo has been updated to JSCC, and as the registrations have been coming in, we have been adding the driver profiles.

There’s also a calender under the championship menu, and Registration/Entry forms in the Documents section. Please bear with us, while we upload the latest version of the Regulations and make them available for download.

Welcome to JTCC!

Whilst we are building this site – we’ve been a overwhelmed by the amount of enquiries so far and so are a wee bit behind – please follow us on

or on Twitter


We have got the spanners and wrenches out and are hitting things in the background to get the site going – honest 🙂

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