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Name: Lydia Walmsley

Age: 14

Location: Ipswich

Car Number: 82

Favourite Track: PF International

Ambition: To continue to be successful in motorsport

Favourite driver and why: Jenson Button because he handles himself well when he has amazing success, but more so when things are not going so well.

Interests: Karting, Ballet and Modern Theatre Dance

Previous success in sport: Currently leading the Junior Rotax Championship at Ellough Park, Ellough Park 2015 minimax champion, Finalist in the UK Karting magazines Female driver of the year (2015) and vice champion at Anglia Indoor Karting agaed only 8 in 2011.

Sponsors: MG Walmsley and Son motor traders, A and D Motors, Heritage F1 (Brokers for heritage F1 cars)


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