Name:  Thomas Krasonis

Age: 15

Location: Greece

Car Number: 99

Favourite Track: Oulton Park

Ambition: To become a top level driver and participate in state of the art championships , such as WRX(world rally cross championship) and  ADAC  GT MASTERS.

Favourite driver and why: I consider Max Verstappen as my favorite driver , since he is an ambitious young driver , that possesses amazing skills in the rain , and always wants to move forward.

Interests: Football , Basketball , animation and graphics design.

Previous success in sport: 3rd in the 2009-2010 Greek national karting championship , 2nd in the 2010-2011 Greek national karting championship ,  3rd in Winter Cup Germany 2015 , and  achieved driver of the weekend award in Silverstone , in the 2016 JSCC season.



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