Getting a Race Licence is easy, just follow these 10 simple steps to obtain yours.

  1. Apply to the MSA (Motor Sports Association) for a junior license pack. Click Here for MSA shop
  2. In the pack is a DVD, all the questions, you will have to answer in your exam are in the DVD. (We suggest you watch it several times, until all the information has sunk in.)
  3. We suggest you get a responsible adult to take you to a private car park, or waste land to help you get used to a car’s clutch control, and changing gear. (This will take a lot of pressure off, when it comes to driving on track.)
  4. Once confident, book into your local MSA circuit to your ARDS (Association of Racing Drivers Schools) course.
  5. Before you go to the circuitĀ TOP TIP. If you go on YouTube, you will find in car footage of the circuit you have chosen. E.g. if you type “Oulton Park in car”, you will find people have posted footage of themselves driving the track. Watch it, and you will get used to the lines and the circuit, this will give you a head start.
  6. The course is a full day course. When you arrive at the circuit, you will be asked to watch the DVD again. Your first drive will be to get used to the circuit.
    The instructor is there to help you, and wants you to be relaxed, and drive smoothly & consistently. (Don’t put pressure on yourself, as the instructors are very friendly and want you to succeed.)
  7. Throughout the day, the instructor will help you to improve. Don’t rush things, as you will make mistakes. The instructor is not expecting you to drive at racing speeds, just to drive consistently.
  8. Once the on-track activities have finished, you will be told if you have passed that section.
  9. The final part is the exam, don’t rush it, take your time. You have to get all the questions right in the first part correct. In the second part, you are allowed to make 2 mistakes.
  10. Once completed, you will be told if you have passed or failed. If you pass, they will stamp and sign your paperwork. You will then have to send this back to the MSA together with the fee for your license.